Droplets of Nature, Inc. is a company that
distributes eco-friendly and family friendly products.
We are targeting the growing numbers of families
that value the use of healthy and naturally
formulated consumer products, but are looking for
less expensive alternatives. We continuously
innovate eco-friendly products that will address
different concerns of the families.Please visit our
facebook for updates:
The first wash-off serum bar in the Philippines.
It effectively lightens and moisturizes one's skin.
It is loaded with moringa, acai berry, kojic acid,
papaya, lemon extracts and lactic acid.//P94
It has seven (7) Skin Lightening & Beautifying
Extracts: Moringa (Malunggay), Papaya, Kojic Acid,
Camellia Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil, Oxalis
Triangularis Oil & Plant-based Lactic Acid.
*The combination of our three potent extracts
Moringa/Malunggay and the Three (3) Power Oils
(Camellia, Candeia, Oxalis Triangularis) makes
our soap more effective *The 3 Power Oils have
been clinically proven more effective than Arbutin
in skin lightening.//P114
Our dishwashing liquid is made from potato/corn
based surfactant, which is listed as Generally
Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food &
Drugs Administration. * Highly Concentrated (a tiny
drop is enough for 4 to 6 pieces of plates or 5
tablespoon of the dishwashing liquid can be mixed
to one cup of water for the most economical way)
* Free from Paraben, Phosphate, SLES and Harmful
Chemicals * Loaded with Essential Oils.//
P156 500ml //P285 1liter
Our hand sanitizer is made from plant-based lactic
acid, fruit-based alcohol and essential oils.
The plant-based lactic acid acts as the main
anti-bacterial ingredient, therefore the scent of
the alcohol is not too strong. The lactic acid and
essential oils acts as the natural moisturizers.
Our hand sanitizer is also safe for the baby's hands.

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